There are two poverties in the world. One  poverty is straining out gold to spring forth to the adjectives that the world expects. The other poverty is all the time on Re-Birth after its death round the clock.

 One poverty says give me a chance and I will prove myself.
The other poverty says prove yourself first and may be then you will have a chance.

One poverty lives in the optimism of our hearts.
The poverty lurks in the skepticism of our minds

Here conversations are on the rise to dust out practically and to emerge a NEW INDIA in promoting educational and health programmes in rural under privileged human beings who are at a CRY /pulsating with an optimism of a dynamic power to get escape from poverty and to emerge New India.

History, we say, is a bad motorist.  It rarely ever signals its intentions when it is taking a TURN.  History, is turning a page.  One poverty leads, the other follows.  One day an awaited moment shall say it’s time to FLY.

Yes, dear reader, the poverty line in rural areas is below normal and in cities health hazards is beyond control.  Though the government is framing educational and health programmes to overcome the social requirements the target do not meet satisfactorily.

And hence there is a social upliftment to solve out educational / health programmes and distribution of free ration (among starving poor ones) and many more needs time to time arises in distressed families, running successfully in Mumbai city for the past six years which is named as ‘SUADHA’(Social Upliftment And Development For Health Action)

The turning pages will speak itself that (1) how badly school children in rural areas are deprived of the basic needs such as books, school bags, umbrellas, solar lights, multi-vitamins etc. (2) how badly the poor people are in the clutches of cancer, heart and other serious disease. (3) how much needful it is to run the programmes / camps in awareness of education, medical check up.

In order to help out practically to the above mentioned category of people/whether they are rural or city men, we by name ‘SUADHA’ do stand by them and struggle to raise maximum funds in order to meet the expenses as and when required.

All the donations are exempted from income tax i.e. 50% under section 80G – IT Certificate.

Society Registration: 
Public Charitable  Trust , No.  F – 40525 (MUMBAI),
The certificate of Income Tax
50%  Exemption under section 80 G,
100%  credit  on CSR Activities
FCRA Registration No. :  084040022
Nature : Economic, Educational, Social.
MENTION ON DONATION BOX in end of the all projects

Please find the details of Bank account and kindly inform us the details  of your donation, address, date, amounts, cheque & bank details, for which projects and whose name has to mention on official receipt, so that we can issue for the same :

Account Name : Social Upliftment and Development for Health Action
Account No : 915010034272912
IFSC Code : UTIB0000574
Branch No.(M H) : 574
Name of the Bank : Axis Bank
Branch : Kalyan west
NGO PAN Card No.: AAJTS1732J
Address of the Bank : Old Suchak Niwas, CtsNo. 3203
Murbad Road, Kalyan (West ),
Tel No. 0251-2315819/21


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