All the donations are exempted from

The certificate of Income Tax
50%  Exemption under section 80 G,

100%  credit  on CSR Activities

FCRA Registration No. :  084040022
Nature : Economic, Educational, Social.

Please find the details of Bank account and kindly inform us the details  of your donation, address, date, amounts, cheque & bank details, for which projects and whose name has to mention on official receipt, so that we can issue for the same :

Account Name : Social Upliftment and Development for Health Action

NGO PAN Card  No. :   AAJTS1732J
Account No                :  915010034272912
Account Status          :  Saving account
Name of the Bank    : Axis Bank
Branch No.  574       : Kalyan west
IFS Code                    :  UTIB0000574
Branch No.(M H)     :    574

Address of the Bank : UTI BANK
Old Suchak Niwas, CtsNo. 3203
Murbad Road, Kalyan (West ),
Tel No. 0251-2315819/21

To bring help to all the needy people, we strive against all odds.

SUADHA works with disadvantaged communities to secure the improvement of their economic situation, education and health and social well being. All the programmes involve the target communities in contributing towards their own development by establishing local structures, training and empowering them to be self-reliant and self-deciding bodies.

Different Regular Activities Conduct from ‘SUADHA’ NGO

Health Action Program

  • From SUADHA, we provide Free guidance, counseling, information and emotional support to the needy and deserving patients who visit Mumbai for their health problems.
  • NGO, Conducts Awareness program / work shop on different Health Issues :
  1. Cancer / Women Cancer
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Diabetic
  4. Women Health problems/Positive Thinking
  • To sponsor the financial support to Gadge Maharaj Dharamshala, Parel, Mumbai(opposite KEM Hospital) the poor and needy cancer/heart/kidney patients who do come to Mumbai from various places from India for further treatment, charges @ Rs. 60/- per day(patient with two relatives+, pillow & mattress). There are 48 patients accommodate @ Rs. 60/- X for 30 days = Rs.86,400/- per month.
  • To sponsor – Adopt A Poor Child Patient For Medical Aid at Gadagebaba Dharamshala in Mumbai. Adoption an out station child patient with Rs.5000/- monthly expenses. Annual Expenses  Rs. 60,000/-
  • To sponsor ‘World Cancer Day’ for Gadgebaba Dharamshala patients with, foods, gifts and entertainment programmes such, Magic show/Movi show etc, expenses RS. 35,000/-
  • To sponsor the financial support for rations(any grocery, 5 items) to the poor and needy patients who do come to Mumbai from various places for further treatment. Donation per patient+ 2 attendants @ Rs.500 /- per month. We distribute two days from Dadar, Mumbai (every month on 6th and 20th ) in a month 150 patients in each month for six months. Total expenses RS.  500/- X  150 pts  = RS. 75,000/- approximately.
  • To sponsor FREE Early Detection whole body Cancer Screening camps for Women. 100 deserving women would be screened from our center. The camps held on every Saturday on the each month. The cost for 1 woman @ Rs. 500/- to make the reports of all the investigations.

             The cost of the monthly project = RS. 500/- @ 400 women  = RS.2,00,000/- per month

The following investigation will be performed at the camp with Prior Appointment:

  • General Medical Examination: Blood Pressure, Weight,
  • Blood Report: Hemoglobin, W.B.C
  • Diabetic – Random Blood Sugar test
  • Gynecology Examination:
    a) Breast, Axillaries Nodes, b) Abdomen& Pelvis, c) Cervix, d) Pap smear test
  • Oral cancer- Head and Neck



Well Women Clinic
Giri Bldg, 1st Floor, Opp. Perfect Motor Driving School,
Kalyan – Murbad Road, Kalyan(west)- 421301.
Phone: 02516517678 / 02516517668 / 02516500552

  • No Touch Breast Scan (NTBS):  Behalf of the Breast cancer month of October, SUADHA NGO made setup of a breakthrough screening technology of health action project from Kalyan city, Mumbai, the ‘No Touch Breast Scan (NTBS) the first-ever painless, non-invasive and radiation-free breast scanning technique for detecting breast cancer at an early stage.

NTBS is a painless option for the girls/women who wish to get themselves regularly screened. It is particular use in younger college going girls from the age group of 18 years. The thermal imaging is fast gaining acceptance and this physiologic exam takes less than 10 minutes to perform and generates immediate results. Each day can be screened for 65 – 70 ladies from our Kalyan Cancer Screening Center, which is managed by totally women technician/staffs with privacy and care the highest priority, walk in any day Monday to Saturday with prior appointment Phone No- 09619447032

  • Breast Health Checkup Camp – iBreastExam™: NGO’s another health action project which is a game-changing technological “Breast Lesion Documentation System” – iBreastExam™ harnesses the power of innovative sensor technology, software computing and smartphone revolution, like portable sonography machine, which offer objective and effective breast examinations, with ease and comfort of lump detection especially on breast. The program especially jot down for corporates/ housing society women who are do not having time to go for any checkups  

iBE™ Quick Facts

  • Bilateral breast exam within 5 minutes (with results at the point-of-care)
  • Accuracy to detect clinically relevant breast lesions higher than 85%
  • Usable by any health-worker or doctor. No pain, No radiation.

This camp managed by totally women technician /staffs with privacy and care the highest priority, with instant report. This camp can be at your Door Step, for all the women, make your yearly group and join hands with us and keep yourself HEALTHEE.

  • To sponsor ‘World No Tobacco Day’ from Kalyan city and the following programs would be conducted on behalf of the day:

1>  A public awareness program with Head & Neck cancer screening camp at Kalyan city ST Bus depot. We target 500 people to screen.

2>  The banners of ‘Anti -Tobacco message with ill effects of tobacco consumption and Head & Neck cancer symptoms with pictures’, such sticker banner would be displayed up on both sides of the 25-ST Buses as well as 25-KDMT Buses.

The cost of the ‘Head & Neck’ cancer screening camp @ Rs.100/- for 500 targeted people would be RS. 50,000/-. The cost of the sticker banner for 50 buses in both sides is Rs. 2500/- @ 100 Banners cost would be RS. 2,50,000/-. The donor’s name display on the sticker banners on the buses. The total Expenses of these whole programme would be RS. 3,00,000/-.

  • To sponsor Cervix cancer vaccination to save a Girl’s life to get rid of the cancer disease.  The cost of thrice vaccination for a girl is Rs. 10.000/-within the age group of 9 years to 27 years.
  • To sponsor Free Early Detection Osteoporosis screening camp at Durgadi Killa, Kalyan. The cost @ Rs.100/- (Bone scan +medicines) 500 maximum people in each camp. The total expenses of the camp RS. 50,000/-. (there are millions of people suffering from Osteoporosis because of low bone density due to faulty food style.  It is a silent killer for a woman as well as man).
  • To sponsor Rose Day celebration at AIMS Cancer Hospital, Dombivili for around 150 patients. We organize Bhajen program, Yogasan , distribution of foods, gift items with jute bags. The cancer patients come from long distance. The total cost of this program around Rs. 60,000/- approximately.
  • To sponsor ‘Children New Year Party’, for 100 deserving child patients of (Cancer, Thaleasemia, HIV children) + 25 sibling’s children attend the X-mass party. The expenses would be RS. 1,00,000/-, for gifts, foods, juice, Magic show, Santa Clouse gifts etc.
  • To sponsor ‘World Disable Day’, for 100 deserving disable patients to boost up their moral and make them happy. The expenses would be RS. 1,00,000/-, for gifts, foods grains, bed sheets,blankets etc.


Social Development Program

  • NGO, Conducts Awareness programme / work shop on different Social Issues :
  1. Sexual harassment & dealing with it
  2. Domestic violence on women/Women atrocities
  3. Women & Self Defense
  4. Anti-Tobacco for school, college & corporate
  5. Skill Development Programes for school, college & Inter -view /job related
  •  To sponsor the salary of a FREE coaching classes for a village tribal school students for the class of  VIII,IX,X Std, at Bhadane village, Saralgaon, Thane district, Maharashtra. The yearly expenses of 7 teachers and 2 staffs are around RS. 4,62,000/- approximately.
  •  To sponsor educational aid to the needy students especially who are having single parent for professional course such as technical course to make them chance to survive with dignity and save their life from criminal hazards.
  • To sponsor 5 tribal girls marriage with the gifts amounting to @ Rs. 10,000/- per girls total Rs. 50,000/- with marriage gifts articles such as – clothes, utensils, food grains, suitcase etc.
  • To help out for income generating program, giving Sewing machines and other source of income to villagers, Poultry farm, Got / Cow farming, plantation orders


Tribal Welfare Program

  • To sponsor the 2-village school children with full school kits with School Bag +  Uniforms + Shoes + Shocks + Umbrella for around 600 children of poor and needy tribal village schools.  To boost up their moral with  different color school uniforms and compete with city school students. The cost would be as per the current quotation.
  • To sponsor the village school children for their different amenities of toilets, drinking water facilities, celling fans, bench+ desk , stationaries/ pictorial education style at the schools, as they do not use computers. The cost would be as per the current quotation of school requirements.
  • To sponsor to set up 2 ‘Toy Library’ with cupboard the educational games + toys for the poor and needy tribal school children at village schools.  The cost for as per donor’s contribution and school size. We arrange as far as possible all types of educational colorful eye catching toys to boost up the brain of the children so that they can competitive with city children.
  • To sponsor to set up 2 ‘School Library’ with cupboard the educational books, story books, magazines for the poor and needy tribal school children at village schools. The cost for as per donor’s contribution and school size. We arrange as far as possible all types of educational books to boost up the brain of the children so that they can competitive with city children.
  • To sponsor the 500 village school children for their books, note books, pen, penciles on Republic Day 26th January and Independence Day 15th August every year. The cost would be as per the current quotation of school requirements and donor’s contribution and school size.
  • To sponsor the game items(indoor/outdoor) for 2 tribal village school children for their mental recreations. The cost would be as per the current quotation of school requirements and donor’s contribution and school size.




Aims of the Projects – To empower the deserving women and offer them a source of income

For a country whose population of women alone is more than the total population of many other western countries, India fares low where their treatment is concerned. The number of sexual abuse and domestic violence cases against women clearly shows that women in India do not enjoy even basic human rights.

Given such a scenario, ‘SUADHA’ NGO has started an important role to play to support all such deserving women from Kalyan city to offer them a source of income and increase their Self Esteem and decrease their mental stress to survive with dignity.

We have started making ‘Paper Bags’ from old News Paper, which we collect from door to door from generous people with three different sizes small, medium and big sizes. At present with different other material with eco-friendly articles to protect our society from plastic pollution free.

We need people generous support through the orders, so that women can empower themselves. At present  we are making the following Items:-

  • Gift Paper bags different sizes, decorated and Company Brand name Paper bags  poly laminated with screen printed
  • News Paper Bags
  • West Paper box/Dustbin for the use of office, home, table
  • Car holders for any four wheeler
  • Paper Folders
  • Paper Files
  • Non-woven material bags with different shape, size and color of the clients
  • Aprons –Kitchens, Hospitals , Parlors, Company
  • Beauty care-Vaccine strips for women -100 pieces packet without gums
  • Chocolates and Lollipops with decorated packets
  • Seasonal Diya
  • Painting with frame
  • Jute Bags
  • Mobile Bags

Address – Rehab Centre: 

Dhanleela Apts. Ground Floor, Bail Bazaar Chowk, Valipeer Road, Opp. Gujarati Boys High School, Near Railway Station, Kalyan (West) , Mumbai- 421301, Maharashtra, Ph- 02516500552 //  919323780047

Registered at: A-6, Daruwala Husg. Soc. D.B.Marg, Mumbai Central, Mumbai-400008

 Phone: 9323780047 /9619447032
Facebook id :   Suadha Ngo  , Website:
Registered under Society Act 1860,
Public Charitable trust Registration number :  F- 40525(Mumbai)
Pan No.:    AAJTS1732J  ,  TAN No.:   MUMS72511F


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